No matter how you slice it, life in Arlington County includes our monuments to the nation, in particular to the heroes of our country. These memorials and the land they are on have become a part of our heritage and the culture of Arlington itself. Arlington Cemetery is a big piece of our identity. In a recent announcement, the United States Army revealed plans to expand Arlington Cemetery. The Army is currently accepting  comments about the new plans which will add 38 acres to the complex, providing new land dedicated to our interred soldiers and veterans. Highlighted below are the main changes anticipated with the expansion of Arlington Cemetery.

The expansion plan includes a land swap with the Virginia Dept. of Transportation for parcels around the existing Air Force Memorial. This would include moving a portion of Columbia Pike, which could also help with current traffic flow problems for those coming and going from Pentagon Row. Most of the land to be incorporated into Arlington Cemetery once housed a Navy Annex which has since been demolished. Currently Southgate  Road separates the new land from the cemetery, so the plan calls for closing the road and building a new one along the west end of the land. This would place the new road near Foxcroft  Heights.

The Arlington Cemetery expansion project is still in its early stages. The land swap negotiations are still in progress and the environmental impact study is still underway. The Army and the County hope to have a final agreement completed by the end of this year so construction can begin by 2018. The new road is set to be built first, followed by the expansion itself. The project is expected to last into part of 2022. When it is done, there will be more internment plots available for our armed forces personnel. With close to 7,000 burials in Arlington Cemetery each year, the space is needed.

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